• whether it is going to Australia or the fact that I should be totally overjoyed because I actually don´t have any serious Problems going on right now, I get along with life very, very well. Thank God for this chance!
  1. I feel much better inside not depressed anymore, still I have some Problems with my living habits, but it will be much easier to handle that when I am finsished with school this week! Then I´ll have time to organize my daily life incoorporate working and so on..

    I leared that I can be happy again and food for instance does not make me satisfied: but just the fact that I am not allowed to eat sweets will make me sad again, so I have to figure out what to do 

  2. Life can be great if you not only realize how lucky you are, but also appreciate it! Don´t take life to serious and never, never let things drag you down that have minor importance in life anyway! Focus on the good and enjoy it rather than waste mintues of this precious gift being sad. Be fierce, be strong: you can do it!
  3. Dear Life,

    For some reason I am very motivated this morning so: I am going to work out, learn a bit for my finals and enjoy the sun! Tomorrow my Grandparents from Netherlands are visiting us and I am so excited! I love my family more than everything, but sadly I don´t see them very often. So yeah pretty awesome weekend. Next week I´ll have my final two tests and then I am finished with school!

    Thanks a lot life for this feeling!:D


    A friend

  4. Dear life,

    Well to start off this will be a place I openend up to share my thoughs-expressing what I experience within myself. This is a long list of things I want to talk about: I don´t want  just to wallow in self-pity when I write about some things that bother me, but I need this right now. I need to write down everything. It is the first part of a long page with stories and thoughts about myself. Good stories, bad stories, boring stories, farytales and dreams.


    a Friend

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