• Excitement!

    The evening before.

    I am sitting on my bed right now, knowing that it´s only one more night to go until I´ll be flying to Australia!!!

    I can´t put it into words how happy I am right now. Like a bunch of lights shining out of my soul, adrenaline flushing through my vains, like christmas and my birthday toghether. THIS IS AWESOME SHIT!

    So.. anyone… want some happiness?? ;)

    I would love to share it with everyone of you!


  • Australia

    It begins.

    Today my friends flew to Australia. Only in a couple weeks me and my friend Laura will be sitting in the airplane, too! This is crazy, I am so excited! Only problem: what will I be doing 3 weeks without my best friends???

    • whether it is going to Australia or the fact that I should be totally overjoyed because I actually don´t have any serious Problems going on right now, I get along with life very, very well. Thank God for this chance!
  • "Life can be great if you not only realize how lucky you are, but also appreciate it! Don´t take life to serious and never, never let things drag you down that have minor importance in life anyway! Focus on the good and enjoy it rather than waste mintues of this precious gift being sad. Be fierce, be strong: you can do it!"
  • The Beginnung

    Dear life,

    Well to start off this will be a place I openend up to share my thoughs-expressing what I experience within myself. This is a long list of things I want to talk about when I am in Australia and New Zealand. It is the first part of a long page with stories and thoughts about myself. Good stories, bad stories, boring stories, farytales and dreams.